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Monday, April 12, 2010

The Power of Play doh

Squeeze it, push it, knead it, pound it, cut it, rub it, roll it, smell it, share it...oooh play doh. It could be store bought, homemade, scented or not; the benefits of play doh I couldn't do with out.

I can still remember what it was like playing with playdoh as a small child. I wasn't partial to the smell, and found out that it didn't taste so good either. But the smooth, creamy, squishy feel of it makes me love it again, and again.

Here are some of the benefits of play doh:
Provides visual and sensory stimulation
Promotes creativity
Quick Clean up activity
Comes in many colors
Can be scented

When play-doh is a life saver
During transition times (while sending each child potty)
In your Sensory Table
At your Art Center
While you're cleaning
Preparing for dismissal

Extend your playdoh play with these fun ideas
add texture to your playdoh..try rice, oatmeal, or coffee grounds
add fragrance...try adding vanilla extract, lemon extract, or a package of kool-aid
add color...allow the kids to mix the colors, or add glitter
add a surprise...after making playdoh form several balls, stick your finger in the ball and add a couple of drops of food coloring, reshape the ball. When the kids begin to squeeze and knead it...SURPRISE!
add knives, spoons, dishes, and cookie cutters

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  1. I think scented playdoh is the best! One thing I have seen lately also is Gluten free, homemade playdoh. The texture is so soft and smooth ~ I almost prefer it to the name brand stuff!

  2. Playdough is also a lifesaver if you have kids sitting and listening for a while - gives little hands something to play with :)

  3. @Marie, I have a friend who makes the gluten-free for her children and yes - she says she loves it. I haven't made it myself but I'll be trying my hand at it soon.

    @Jenny, I'm usually late posting my lesson plan each Monday, so I make sure playdoh is in my lesson on Monday and it looks like I planned it that way all along...hee, hee. I won a small container of playdoh at a Girl Scout unit meeting, I dropped it in my purse. I'm just waiting for the perfect opportunity to whip it out to keep my daughter occupied:)

  4. I have always preferred the Playdough brand and hated the homemade stuff because of the mess, but I just got a recipe for a no cook homemade playdough and I have been making a lot of it. I add glitter, scents and colors. I am having a lot of fun with it. It is so inexpensive compared to the other so I can offer a variety of colors at a time. And you are so right, the benefits of playing with it are endless! :)

  5. I adore Play Doh as a center! It's the clean up that's a killer!

  6. Ayn - will you post that recipe? We're always looking to try new ones.