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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Basket Bunnies

Just when I thought I couldn't take another Easter project I'd forgotten to post this one. I was sure you'd appreciate it. I ran across a photo of these cute baskets about 4 years ago. I've been creating these little masterpieces each year with great success. I've looked all over the internet for the site where I originally found this craft and I'm not positive but I think it this one

I ask the kids to choose the color of the whiskers (pipe cleaners) and the color of the nose (pom, poms) and I secure them on with hot glue. Once I'm finished I usually hand it over to them and allow them to use Elmers glue to put the cotton balls on the ears, and construction paper or googly eyes where the bunnies eyes should go. This year I got fancy and added bows for the girl bunnies. A couple of days after I took the picture we began stuffing our basket with grass, then eggs from our hunt and gifts from their teacher during nap on Friday. The Easter Bunny has never passed on these baskets!

Things to consider:

  • If you have a class ask parents to save milk jugs a few weeks in advance to have enough.

  • Never, Ever allow the children to use the hot glue gun, it is unpredictable!

  • The original post I learned this from had the entire bunny covered with cotton balls, this may be done
    over several days, but I have found my attention span just isn't that long and neither is my students.

  • I've done this project using the yellow milk jugs and it's even cuter!


  1. These came out really cute. Another teacher at our center did something similar and they held up well! :)