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Monday, April 5, 2010

Making Tracks (Footprints)

I had fun with our unit on forest animals. We talked about animal tracks and how we could tell where the animal went by following it’s tracks. Later that morning, we make our own tracks and posted them on our wall. It was a bit tricky but worth our efforts.

Here’s what you need to make your own tracks.
You”ll need:
poster board or butcher paper
shallow container with soapy water

I laid newspaper on the floor where we would be working. I placed a piece of poster board (you may use butcher paper) on the newspaper with their name already printed on top of the sheet. I sat the kids in one chair and used the sponge to dab paint on the bottom of their feet.

I then held their hand while they walked across the poster board to the shallow pan of soapy water.

There they used a sponge to clean the paint off their feet. I listened for new vocabulary words from each child. I heard the words tickles, cold, beautiful, paint, sponge, toes, slippery, wet, and newspaper.

I didn't post my list of vocabulary words but that would have been even better to display with their tracks. The follow up activity during Circle Time was the "Going On A Bear Hunt" song by Greg and Steve.


  1. We do our foot painting as a group project. We flip our art table and line it with butcher paper. The kids step into a tub of paint, then walk across the paper -- holding an adults hand because it gets really slippery. At the end they have the choice of either stepping into a tub of water to rinse off and/or doubling back across more butcher paper back to the beginning. We don't have those nice individual paintings to take home, however!

  2. That is so awesome!!! It looks like fun. I did this too and like Tom, the kids had to hold our hands or they went slippin and slidin'!!

  3. Love this! I've done them like Tom, but I'll have to try this!

  4. I love this as well and tried it for the 1st time this year but I did small groups of children at a time (3) it was awesome the kids had so much fun and the finished product is wonderful. Thank u for sharing :)