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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Using All Your Resources

So I'm right in the middle of lesson planning when I come to a road block. Either I've already done that activity or I just can't think of anything creative. I guess a writer would call it writers block. What do I do? Easy...I use all my resources. There are plenty of resource books, blogs, and websites to get my creative juices flowing. Do I have to use their ideas? Nope but just stepping out of my own world works miracles for me. Inspiration kicks in and before I know it the ideas wont stop coming and the overflow makes me feel like a three year old playing in paint. Where do you go for inspiration? Here's just a few of my favorites...

Resource Books
  • Mailbox
  • Creative Resources
  • The Giant Encyclopedia of themes activities for children 2 to 5
There are so many resources available and so many great ones that I left out. Feel free to share you favorites with us. Hopefully, we can create a dynamic database to use, share, and enjoy. And next time you have a creative block, we'll be there to inspire you through it.

Happy Resource Hunting


  1. I've never done this before, but I keep threatening to . . .

    One day, when I have "teacher's block," I'm not going to prepare anything at all and just let the kids plan the whole day as they arrive!

    "What kind of blocks should we play with?"

    Happy New Year!

    "What should we do for art?"

    "What should I put in the sensory table?"

    I swear I'll do it one day!

  2. You are so right - everyone needs some inspiration and new ideas every once in awhile. I know that I do for sure! I go to many of the same places you do for inspiration but I would have to say one of he biggest is watching other teachers in actions or just reading their stories about what worked or didn't work for them in the classroom. This gets me really ticking!

    I Hope you have a very happy new year! Your friend,

  3. check out my blog for some ideas I will be updating in the next week with great activities for winter/snow/mittens and more!

  4. @Teach Tom...Do you think I don't read your blog? Seriously dude? You never have "teacher's block"! I'm still trying to figure out how to convince my director we NEED to play in mud:)

    @Deborah...In my opinion the best thing any new preschool teacher can do for herself is to visit as many programs as possible. This was required at my school and it was just as valuable as all the "book work" they gave me.

    I think my New Year has been pretty happy so far, and I'm positive you have a lot to do with it!:)

    @Jami...I'm sure we all are headed over to your site to see what you have going on...Thanks for sharing and please forgive me for my slow moderating!

  5. Tom is right...ask the kids! They will let you know what to do. Also, look around the neighborhood, is it raining? snowing? are the birds out? worms out? all those are themes. One of my kiddos was acting out a movie on the ground pretending to pull himself with a rope. So, we added one (a rope) to the slide inside and out!
    I like your site!

  6. i'm new to your blog. so much great information. many thanks!

  7. Hi there Jen! Welcome. Welcome, Welcome! I'm so glad you could stop by:) I appreciate your kind words...Tell me if you have a Facebook page or Twitter so I can keep up with you.