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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Stuck in the middle?

Oh wow there are certainly sometimes I hate being stuck in the middle! Like when you're friends are arguing? Or there's gossip in the workplace. You can certainly count me out. However, there are times when the middle is the perfect place for me. I recently called a colleague to rant and rave about all the wrongs I couldn't make right. While I'm no rookie at my profession I'm certainly not as seasoned as my colleague. After our conversation I was quite relieved that there was someone who knew more than I did. Her calm disposition and the assurance in her voice let me know I still have a lot to learn. As I stepped back into my classroom, there waiting for me sat a teacher less seasoned than I...waiting patiently for any knowledge and wisdom I could offer her. I was more than happy to oblige. I had a thought, being in the middle is not so bad.


  1. It is always refreshing when someone supplies a positive perspective on tough issues and then you get to share it with others.

  2. I sometimes think that being in the middle is what teaching is all about. When it's going as it should we're just "channeling" all of the other teachers who came before us. Thanks for this post!

  3. And by being in the middle I get handsomely rewarded with the best guests stopping by my blog:)

    Deborah (Teach Preschool), you know I'm always delighted when you stop by:)

    And Teacher Tom stopped by too! Here's me *blushing* I love you're blog! and anytime you wanna guest post for me (hint, hint) I'd be delighted to have you:)

  4. Staying positive is key. I stay around positive people, and kids are a good place to start!
    Thanks for sharing and being so candid.

  5. Hi Honorable:)

    You're right...I find since it's not ALWAYS possible to be around positive people... I can listen to music I love, meditate on my favorite quotes, or participate in the activities that bring me the most joy. Usually I'm headed to the ART table:)