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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Get ideas for your preschool classroom from Twitter and Facebook

Guest post by Deborah J. Stewart of Teach Preschool.

If there is one thing that I love to do is share ideas and network with others in early childhood education. I was delighted when Mrs. Myra asked me to share with you some of the online places that I use to provide preschool teachers with information and ideas they can use in their classrooms.

Teach_Preschool on Twitter
On twitter, I have an account called Teach_Preschool. On this site, I "tweet" links to various articles or activities specifically meant to bring value to the early childhood classroom such as the value of play, child development, science in the classroom, creative art, and so on. Some of my tweets are from my personal research and others are "retweets" of others like tweets from the National Association of Education for Young Children (NAEYC) or Centers and Circles.

For those of you who are not familiar with twitter, a "tweet" is a simple sentence that may or may not include a link for you to view. Most of my tweets have links so you can easily find and read more information about early childhood education. If you are new to twitter or would like more information on twitter, you can read a short article I wrote at TeachPreschoolOnline. This article will describe how to get started and it also shares a list of other people who twitter all about early childhood education.

Teach Preschool on Facebook.
Facebook is most fun because you get to see pictures - not just links. For my facebook friends and fans, I post links to creative ideas and resources you can use in the classroom. I have many teachers who check into my site on a daily basis in order to find ideas for their classrooms. Some teachers post comments or add new ideas which I love to read. I am in two places on Facebook. I have a site where you can become a "friend" or I have a page where you can become a "fan."

Whenever you are looking for Teach Preschool, just look for the teach preschool little girl you will find her on Twitter and Facebook! I hope to see you online so I can share all the wonderful and creative early childhood education ideas that are out there in the internet world with you!

Deborah (Teach Preschool)


  1. Hey - I just now noticed you posted this! I better tweet it:) Thanks for sharing this with everyone - I really appreciate it.

  2. I'll head over and friend you right now Deborah!

  3. I finally learned how to properly moderate my comments! whoo hoo! Thank you so much Deb for guest blogging! I know so many Early Child Educators that are still not on Facebook and Twitter. I've even reached out to many of them and told them our big our community is. I appreciate you making so many great Educators accessible. I've learned so much in the past few weeks!

  4. I looked through this site and found some really good ideas that I can incorporate in my curriculum and circle planning! I really love the idea of the camping theme. I am actually a student at the moment getting my degree in ECE, and these will come in handy when I have to do projects and planning for my classroom!