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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Establishing Centers in "My Sad Class"

After posting "My Sad Class" on my blog the other day, my friend from Teach Preschool added it to her blog and WOW what responses! The Early Childhood Educators on her page had plenty to say about my sad class! To my enjoyment I was delighted so many educators shared my great passion! Yesterday, while everyone was home sending ideas, comments, and responses, I was a busy bee pulling everything off the walls (with the help of two teachers) and moving all the furniture so I could actually see what I had to work with. My space is beautiful and I love it. However, my furniture and materials are limited. You'll notice in the pictures, I brought some of my favorite pictures and posters to add to the wall. By any means am I done, but I wanted to share with you how it was coming together so far. Be sure to post your ideas, comments and responses below.

Surprisingly, where the Center is located we were told we are unable to get any Internet access. Our only options right now are to get dial-up (yuck) or hope the owners fork over money to have a tower built (I doubt that's going to happen). If you have any ideas on any other options we might have I'd really appreciate it. It'd be nice to read your comments on my break or at lunch then I can have all of you with me while I work:)


  1. You could get the cingular wireless card or other cell phone wireless card for your laptop!

  2. But will that work if there are no cell towers near by?

  3. I load down some free programs from another computer and just bring them over to the one in the class room.
    You may not have internet access but if you use another computer you can down load things for the kids to see and do.