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Friday, March 11, 2011

St. Patricks Day Ideas for Preschoolers

    Today I pulled out my St. Patrick's Day box to begin lesson planning. 


 Here's a glimpse of some of my treasures and some cool ideas for our upcoming theme. 

We'll use these items in our Dramatic Play area. Sparkly green hats, shades, Mardi Gras beads, green stripped socks and green hair accessories. 

"My Little Green Tambourine" is two paper plates with beans inside. 
What a great compliment to Circle Time. 

These lovely leprechaun mats were made years ago.
I placed two shamrocks on a white hard stock paper and had them laminated.
I use a green dry erase marker to write with. They wipe off and I can reuse 
them the following year. 
Each year I tell my class,  "it's been said if you catch a leprechaun he has to 
give you three wishes." "What would you wish for?" I record their answers and 
post them all around the classroom. 

This cute little leprechaun was made by my first grader last year in Mrs. Cordner's class. 
I thought he'd be the perfect addition to my St. Patrick's Day theme. 

Science: Green Water makes music? 
For this experiment you'll certainly want pencil and paper handy to record predictions, observations, 
and questions.
If I tap on the inside, top, or outside of the glass, 
will that change the sound?
Can you play a song?

Yes, we just happened to have key-lime yogurt in the fridge! 
I think I'll serve it with granola for a little leprechaun snack. 

What can you do with a shamrock? Here's Dayjah
turning her shamrock into a puppy. She told me 
she learned this in her first grade class. Coincidentally, 
this daughter had Mrs. Cordner for first grade too! 

I couldn't resist pulling out the green Easter eggs for Math. 
I haven't decided what I'll use them for...
counting, sorting by tops and bottoms, or
writing matching numbers on them. 
Oh the possibilities!  

Happy St. Patty's Day


Books you might enjoy with your St. Patrick's Day theme.

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