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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Preschool Snack Rebus

A rebus is a representation of words using pictures. You can create a rebus for teaching pre-reading skills in books, recipes, even name tags. One of my favorite ways to use a rebus is in our snack area. It gives the kids an opportunity to practice those pre-reading skills, follow directions and have fun.

This activity works beautifully when a second adult is in the class. It gives me an opportunity to be at the snack table monitoring, asking questions and recording observations. The trail mix rebus is on the table for the children to follow instructions. I can also read it as a book during Circle Time.

This recipe is for Ghost Toast. I found this recipe in a book a few years ago and created a rebus for my class to make the Ghost Toast during our Halloween week. I recently ran across a Haunted House rebus book to compliment our Ghost Toast.

Both rebus recipes are different but use the same concept. I created both with the idea that they had to be easy to transport and long lasting. The Ghost Toast rebus was made with regular sized pieces of construction paper taped together. Once they went through the laminator I was able to bend them back and forth (accordion style) to travel easily. I use heavy lamination and they have both lasted longer than 5 years!

Here's the Haunted House book and other rebus themed books:

Inside a House That Is Haunted: A Rebus Read-along Story (Rebus Read-Along Stories)     We Love Our School!: A Read-Together Rebus Story    Inside a Barn in the Country: A Rebus Read-along Story    A Recipe for Valentine's Day: A Rebus Lift-the-Flap Story


  1. Hi, love the ghost toast! Just wondering how often do you try to involve the children in preparing their own snacks?

  2. Hi Carly:) I encourage the kids to prepare their own snack everyday. I assign a "snack helper" and their job is to help open packages, if they have trouble then they ask me. I leave the cups, spoons, etc always by the sink so they can reach them. They learn pretty quick and they usually feel very confident by the middle of the year. I "plan" a snack every week as well. Usually on Friday, that's our "fun day" after a week of learning fun. We don't always get to my "planned" snack activity (like the rebus) but I plan it just the same. If you try one thing at a allowing them to get their own spoons this week, then serving themselves the following week I find it works better! Happy Snacking:)