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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Preschool Hideaway: My Own Space

In your classroom there should always be a place for children to "escape". Some teachers refer to this as the "quite area" or "cozy corner". In our class there is a little corner between our cots and library that the students have designated on their own as their "hideaway". Yes, we have a designated "quiet area" but this is something quite different. This is a place to be secretive, to drag toys, to hide dolls, to talk to yourself, or to create with a friend. In the beginning, I used to discourage their quaint little space since it was by the back door (which we never use) and if they ducked down, it was hard for me to monitor their activities. However, each day one, two, sometimes three students would squeeze in the space and they seemed to be having the best time ever! Obviously, they really loved the space and I really love them so I strategically position myself near the space so I can monitor them and the whole class and we're as a happy as a school family can be.

If there's not enough space in your classroom for a hideaway, You can always create one. Here's a few ideas to get you started. 

Place two chairs far enough apart that a sheet will fit over them both. Fold the sheet back enough that you can still see inside. 

This little hideaway I created outside, using small chairs. 
I used clothes pins to secure the sheet. 

This big one I created inside using adult sized folding chairs. 
The clothes pins are secured under the backs of the chairs. 

And, this cute little structure was abandoned outside a church on the curb. I was more than happy to take it off their hands. It's made from PVC pipe. I keep it at my house, but I will occasionally bring to school to use as a hideaway. 

Happy Hideaway!

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  1. Such cute hideaways! I wish I could magically find a pvc house! That's awesome! Thanks for following me on twitter! I'm excited to follow your blog too!