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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

10 Preschool Ideas for "Week of the Young Child"

It's that time again! Early Childhood Educators all over the world are gearing up for Naeyc's annual
"The week of the Young Child". Here are some ideas for you upcoming week

1.  Special Feature: 
Create a slide show featuring your class, enter text supporting the importance of a child's early years. Invite parents for your special presentation. Serve popcorn and drinks!

2. Our Special Book: 
Have your parents each contribute to writing a class book. Each parent send in a note about what makes their child special and a picture of their child or take pictures during class. Read your "special" book during story time or circle time. Watch how your kids face light up when you read their "special" page.

If the idea of creating a book on your own seems overwhelming, enlist the help of a professional. I had Personal Child Stories create a unique book for each one of my students for Christmas. I provided the pictures and some text, and they did rest! A unique treasure they can keep forever.

3. Footprints: 
From earlier posts you know how much I enjoy footprints! Why not take your shoes off?! Have each child create a footprint on a piece of construction paper. Add the words, "I'll be walking in your footsteps someday". 

4. What I want to be: 
Ask your children what they want to be when they grow up. Use your learning centers to show how their aspirations and early childhood learning are correlated. For example, If Nicole wants to be a doctor, take a picture of her in the dramatic play area with her "lab coat" and "stethescope". Create a bulletin board with the words, "How Early Childcare Prepares Me". 

5. Story Tellling: 
Have a "celebrity" or "community" story teller visit your class each day. Have them bring a book related to their field. If they're a basketball player ask them to read about basketball. Parents are the perfect resources. They're always willing to come in and read to your students or know someone that will. 

6. My Community Loves Me: 
Make a point to call or visit your local grocery store, bank, dentist office, and restaurant in your area. You should already have a relationship with them, if not now is the perfect time to get acquainted. Ask would someone be willing to be a "guest" speaker in your class. Be sure to tell them you're creating "goody" bags to take home at the end of the week and they're more than welcome to bring coupons, samples, etc. to send home. 

7. Class Declaration: 
Create a class declaration. Each day ask the students what's so great about coming  to school each day. Record their answers on a long piece of butcher paper and leave it as a display. At the end of the week type up the declaration with each child's cute responses to send home. "Painting is awesome"- Darryl, "Mrs. Myra's funny" - says, Javia

8It's Free: 
Yes, it's true, people love to get something for free! To raise awareness for Early Childhood Education invite the public in for something free! A free art class, a free tour, a free storytelling, etc. 

9. Carnival Week: 
Tell your parents you'd like to celebrate the Week of the Young Child by having a carnival. Encourage each parent to do something fantastic like rent a popcorn machine, cotton candy maker or carnival games. Pull our all your carnival related activities to do throughout the week. 

 10A Party?: 
Of course! When all else fails I love to celebrate my kids by having a party. Have each child bring something special and tell them we're celebrating because, "you're just that important". 

For more ideas for the "Week of the Young Child" 
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Happy Planning,


  1. Thank you for all the ideas!

  2. I love these ideas. In Arkansas we do Arkansas Childrens Week. Our emphasis this year is science. On Monday we are having a MAD scientist party. The first part will be a play and learn with several science activities and experiments. The second part will be a show by the MAD Scientist ! I am super pumped. Today I am going thrifting for white mens shirts to be used as lab coats. Lowes donated googles... it will be a fun night !@

  3. Hi Ms Debbie, Thanks for stopping by:) Arkansas Children Week sounds like a blast! Will you send me a link to your pictures and the fun you things you guys do, my readers would get a kick out of that! Great thinking for the lab coats. One of my parents worked in a Dr's office and just happened to have some she wanted to get rid of...we were delighted to take them off her hands. We've used the for our Dr. office, dentist office, and for the Vet's office during Pet Week! So I guarantee you'll get your thrifty money outta those coats! I appreciate you stopping by!

  4. @Deborah...You're quite welcome. Last year when you asked for ideas for
    "Week of the Young Child" I only posted because you asked:) That post continues to me my most read post ever! So Kudos to you for suggesting:)