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Friday, August 6, 2010

"Listening Ears" are on in my Preschool class

Last week we talked all about the moon, the stars, the sun and space. I asked my Facebook friends for suggestions since this theme was all new to me. Bobbi sent me a link to her blog "Casa Camacho" with a few ideas she had already done. I loved the "phases of the moon" activity and thought it would be easy, fun and yummy to do. However, the day of the activity our class had guests. A dad brought in his daughter to meet me and to give her a feel for her new class. I invited them both to stay for the activity as we both could tell she was engrossed in the centers and clearly was not ready to leave. Well of course you know how a class can be when guests are in the room, kinda distracted; paying attention but barely; fascinated with the new girl, etc. I was able to hold their attention long enough once the oreos were open and I began to demonstrate how they should complete the "phases of the moon". Still, I wasn't convinced it went over well, until this week that is. During lunch, Brianna bit her turkey slice from the Lunchable into a "crescent" and she was so proud she held it up for me to see. If that wasn't enough she was busy showing me her "whole" moon when Eric held up his nibbled off turkey "crescent" too.

Be careful what you say...they just might be listening!

Thank you Megan, Nancy and Bobbi.


  1. Thank you. I have been looking for a fun activity to support learning about the moon phases. I have linked to my blog, I hope that is OK. :)

  2. I love it when the children spontaneously apply what they have learned! How fun!

  3. It's true! It's amazing how often something you said weeks ago, comes back up from the kids, fully formed and thought through. I think they might be better multi-taskers than we give them credit for! =)

  4. Thanks so much! That is awesome that they understood!

  5. @Shar, I'm glad you liked it, don't forget to check out Bobbi's version, which was little more complex. And you're more than welcome to link:)

    @Tom, I know I think you're right! Have you ever thought they weren't listening and ask, "What did I just say?" And they repeat you word for word? It cracks me up everytime:)

    @Bobbi, you're welcome**taking a bow**