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Monday, August 2, 2010

Preschoolers and Hula-Hoops

You probably can tell I love being outside. Yes, sometimes our Florida heat is unbearable, still we venture out each day to see what wonderful experiences await us. One day while shopping for my own little girls, I picked up some hula-hoops for my class. I wasn't sure if four-year olds could master the complex timing and rhythm it takes to hula-hoop. Regardless, I thought it'd be fun. I've watched my own 7-year old go at it for the longest time on her hips, on her arm, down on her knees and back up again. I purchased the hoops with the thought that if they didn't master it my kid would have enough hoops to last her until middle school.

On Friday, each child came in and asked about the hoops and everyone couldn't wait to go outside to get their turn. They each took turns trying. I demonstrated the technique then coached as they tried. Eventually, some ran away to more familiar territory, the slide, the swings and the balls. But, there were a few that stuck around and was determined to keep that hoop on their hips. I called for the class to line up and still they were trying. No one ever quite got the hoop to stay up, although a few were very close.

I decided not to give the hoops to my daughter because with just a few determined faces It's worth it for them to try and try again. Here's an A for Effort!

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