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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Preschool Art Activity: Sandy Hands

While browsing Michael's for my beach theme I picked up these cute cards that were blank inside. Of course I had no idea what I might do with them, but since they were a dollar I couldn't very well pass them up. At the end of our lesson I took a photo of each child in our housekeeping area. One of my parents loaned us a huge colorful beach umbrella that served as a great back drop for the photos.

Each child make a handprint on the left side of the card. Then, we sprinkled colored sand on the wet hand print and placed their picture on the right side. It turned out to be one "cool" summer keepsake to send home.


  1. Adorable! The cards are cute, and the sandy hands even cuter!

  2. Those are darling:)I always do that too and spend my own money on the kids in my class. I just can't help it:)

  3. Hi! I have a little award for you! Please, visit my blog:

  4. Thanks:) The parents raved about them on Monday morning...a big hit!

  5. @Förskoleburken, thanks for my award:) You're too kind!