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Friday, July 9, 2010

B for Boundaries?

In every classroom, there is one student who leads the class. This is the child who keeps every one else in check. He could run your circle time without you. She always tattles when the kids are out of line. Yes, they're the ones who set the standard for everyone else in the class. Usually, it's no big deal. Normally, I shrug him off and tell him "it's okay, go and play." But this day his list of demands were just too overwhelming. Honestly, here's him early that morning before class even started.

"The job chart fell off the wall."
"Oh no, the color yellow fell off too!"
"I don't hear any music."
"Can you play Boom-Boom Pow?"
"You didn't write my "f" word on the board."
"They're running."
"Look at me, I'm having a party."

Yes, my friends this was in less than an hour! I finally said, "Will you please, stop?" "I'm working as fast as I can, I'd like you to play and not call on me for the next few minutes so I can finish setting up our centers." He sort of cocked his head and stared at me blankly. I turned and worked while he played quietly for the next few minutes.

There is nothing wrong with setting boundaries of your own that your students may not cross. When you set boundaries for them and yourself it certainly keeps the peace. Lesson for today...Gimme a "B" for boundaries!


  1. Holy Cow! Does this one ever ring true for me!
    I have to think that kindergarten has the most of this reporting going on but I know past students come by each morning and have to report some little thing or ask a question about what we are doing. That's what makes EC education so intense and all consuming.

  2. Ha, Ha, Gail...I usually don't realize my lack of boundary setting has gotten bad until I have a day like this one. It makes me clean up my act quick:)

  3. Every classroom has one, lol!