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Monday, May 24, 2010

Our Preschool Class and "The Tooth Fairy"

I learned last week that a visit from the tooth fairy is not all that it's cracked up to be. On Friday we have show and tell. I forgot to pick something out at home and was desperate for a show-and-tell item for my class. I remembered my daughter recently lost her tooth and I had stuck it in my school bag for safe keeping! Yippee, I was saved. When it was my turn for show-and-tell, I told the kids in a couple of years they would lose their baby teeth and get a new big tooth in it’s place. Most of my class already knew and chattered loudly about putting it under their pillow and the tooth fairy coming. I went on to complete the tooth fairy story by telling them yes, it was true sometimes you get money and sometimes you get small gifts under your pillow. Then, I pulled out my cell phone and showed them a picture of my daughter cheesing proudly with her new “spacey” smile that I love so much. Everyone was delighted and thought her tiny tooth was very cool.

Once show-and-tell was over Mary was still asking about my daughters missing tooth. This gave me an indication she was not happy with the whole tooth fairy idea. I explained to her indeed she would lose her baby teeth too but she had a while before it would happen. Then I “played up” the gift she would get under her pillow.

At recess, while everyone was laughing and playing wouldn’t you know it...Mary was back; asking about that tooth again!! I got down eye level and told her my daughter was fine and she was very excited that she would be getting a visit from the tooth fairy.

Usually, I’m gone by the time my parents pick-up. Fortunately, Mary’s dad had to drop off cupcakes for her early birthday celebration. While Mary passed out the cupcakes, I pulled him to the side and explained the day’s events. I expressed to him she may have some questions as she seemed very concerned all day. No sooner than our conversation ended Mary walked up and told her dad all about my daughter and her missing tooth. Her dad again told her she would lose hers someday too. Why oh why? She began to cry hysterically during her birthday celebration saying, “I don’t wanna lose my teeth” all the while holding her mouth. You would have thought we were at the dentist office looking at the shiny tools he would use for the extraction! Today as I write, I am literally laughing out loud. But Friday, I was so sad for her! I kept thinking I don’t wanna lose my teeth either, I won’t get any more! That is even more traumatic.

If your child is losing his/her tooth check out what this guy does to make it a memorable event. Losing a tooth can't get any sweeter than this.


  1. Well - this brings up a few issues for me. My teeth need a lot of work right now. I did already have one pulled...might need more. So here I am, imagining this poor child, so upset and thinking - I MYSELF ought to be crying like her. LOL. Sheesh! It is a scary thought. Hopefully she will realize that HER teeth are going to grow back, though :-)

  2. I hope it brings many smiles. Free with Code: Fairy-Proof
    Thanks, Steven - Founder

  3. Aww. That's a sweet story. It must be awful to believe in the tooth fairy, but not in adult teeth! =)

  4. @Teacher, I didn't think of it like that! I kept thinking aww, she must be sad about what she'll look like or that maybe it'll hurt?

    @Steven, WOW! How cool of you...I'm sharing with my friends and fans on Facebook right now! Thank you!!

    @Shara...I'm going to comment, I might scare you to tears too!! Just hoping your dental work is over soon and not painful. Sending hugs:)