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Friday, May 28, 2010

Preschool Sensory: Our Colored Pasta

Colored Pasta and Cups

I know you’re super busy and don’t have time for fancy sensory activities. But here is one you can't refuse.
No messy fingers, no food coloring, no alcohol, or vinegar for this pasta. Most of these are from a box of Wal-Mart brand Garden Rotini. They are cheap, colorful and fun to play with.

The green shells were left overs from St. Patricks day. I threw them in at the last minute.


  1. At the start of the year I throw some coloured pasta into a large builders' tray with matching coloured clothes pegs and tubs. The kids have to collect the matching pasta, but can only lift the pieces using the pegs. Great fine motor fun!

  2. No Kidding! That IS nice and colorful! Thanks for the tip. We love things quick and easy!

  3. Hey, did I miss this? I really need to pay better attention!

  4. LOVE IT! There are definitely times when I want to do some sort of learning activity, but am running short on time and don't have a half hour to clean up the mess afterward. This will be a great one for those days!