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Monday, November 23, 2009

Creating a portfolio

Some time ago, my Early Childhood Instructor advised me to keep a professional portfolio. This portfolio has changed and evolved over the years since I first started. But, it has become instrumental in landing some great opportunities. Lately, I had a desire to assist in opening a new facility. I have never been apart of a project like this except for my own Family Child Care Program. However, I was confident my teaching abilities, background, and love for children would give me a great competitive edge. Here's where my portfolio pushed me right over the top. I updated my portfolio and made a few minor adjustments. On the day I was to meet with the director, I boldly placed my portfolio on the table and thumbed through it as we chatted over the outlook of the program. Towards the end, we discussed Iters and Ecers and I pulled out my latest scores to merely give her an example of what they would be looking for in a program:) Before I left, I was shown around the building and classrooms. She called me on my drive home to tell me how happy she was to meet me. I was certain I was to be apart of this project!

My portfolio is a small notebook with already attached clear sleeves for top-loading papers. It was less than $6 at Office Depot.

Here's what I have in my portfolio:
-My updated resume (so copies can be made from it if needed)
-A page of references (professional & personal)
-My State of Florida Education Certificates
-My CPR and First Aid cards
-Pages from Early Childhood magazines I've been featured in
-Copies of my latest lesson plans
-Copies of my latest classroom newsletter
-Cards/notes/letters from parents
-Recent Evaluations/Scores

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  1. I have a portfolio as well for child care and I am always looking for ideas to spruce it up
    I have a resume letters of refrence my college transcripts (as i have not completed a degree yet). I also have pictures of the different centers ad children and activities in it as well as all my work shop certificates. I have included examples of a lesson plan and class room communications including a suummer leaflett I made nad a news letter as well as name tags and other things please help me what am i forgetting to include?
    thank you so much Ruth G