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Monday, August 24, 2015

The Crayola Experience

There is not educator around that hasn't heard of Crayola! We love the bright colors, the smell of the new box, and the beauty thats produced with their awesome products. Yesterday I took a mini field trip to the Crayola Experience at the mall near my house. Here's a sneak peek at what I found.

This area is called "Pick your pack". You can literally get a bucket, tin or box and fill it with your favorite colors for your writing center. 

                      Markers galore!

And crayons in every color!


There was merchandise for purchase. 

And the products can be found in each stage of development. Here's the merchandise section for infants and toddlers. 

It was only after we were leaving that I discovered I actually hadn't experienced anything! I had only visit the gift shop that comes AFTER the Crayola Experience! I look forward to going back soon and giving you a tour of the actual Experience. 
But for now, happy creating! 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Father's Day Feely Box

Fathers Day is quickly approaching and to get prepared I wanted to create a feely box. What's a feely box you say? A feely box in a sensory box with objects inside that may or may not relate to a theme. 

The Purpose:
The purpose of the feely box is promote critical thinking, sensory and vocabulary skills while having fun.

How to create:
Find a box. I like to cut a hole on the top or on the side of the box, so my students can't see what's inside.
Grab items related to your theme to go in your box.

How to play:
Have a child feel inside the feely box. Ask them to grab an item in their hand. What does if feel like? Your class may ask questions too. "Is it squishy?" "Is it sticky"? Once the child guesses what's in their hand, they can pull it out for the big reveal! Was it what they thought it was? Why'd they think it was something else?

When to play: 
I usually introduce the feely box in Circle Time. This gives me an opportunity to model the correct way to use the feely box. After Circle Time the feely box can be placed near the Dramatic Play area, Science or it can certainly stand alone.

Items to place in your Fathers Day Feely Box:
Shaving Cream                   
Remote Control   
Golf Ball                       
Cell Phone                                                                                  

Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Day Craft Hat

To create these Memorial Day hats all you need is various collage materials. I used scraps of paper, yarn, stickers, ribbon and sequins. 

First, I created bands with construction paper. 
Then, I placed random items on the table to choose from. 

Last, I used the child's head to measure. 

For more Memorial Day activities, check out my Memorial Day Pinterest board here. 
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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Memorial Day Math

For the Math Center I created these simple pattern strips. I cut out more than enough pieces just in case we lost any. These aren't laminated but I plan on laminating them to keep them sturdy and lasting a long time.

For more Memorial Day ideas, visit my Pinterest Board here. 

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Memorial Day Pom-Pom Toss

I made these patriotic pom-poms a year ago for my Girl Scout Troop to wear during the Veterans Day Parade.
The girls wore them in their hair and on their shoes.

When I pulled out my patriotic box I wondered how I could reuse these. I came up with the perfect little game. It's called the Memorial Day Pom-Pom Toss. I'll arrange these little dollar buckets in the center of the floor and place two pieces of tape a good distance from the bucket. The kids will take turns tossing the pom poms in the bucket.

A great way to have fun, celebrate the holiday and promote gross motor skills. 

Hooray for the holiday, 

To make cheering pom-poms for the Memorial Day parade see my pinterest page here.
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