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Friday, May 20, 2011

Preschool Oatmeal Box Craft

I've always seen projects using oatmeal containers. Teachers usually make drums for toddlers, Easter baskets, Halloween baskets, Valentines collectors and so much more! My family rarely eats enough oatmeal that  I can take advantage of these awesome projects. But yesterday, after making breakfast, to my surprise there was no more oatmeal! Oh boy! I couldn't wait to pull out craft supplies and decorate that treasured container. Here's what I did...

First, I shook out all the loose bits of remaining oatmeal, and admired the container upright. 
Yes, it is a preschool teachers treasure.

Next, I found some pretty wrapping paper that one of my kids received on a birthday present last year. We had folded it nicely and stored it with our scrap booking supplies. It wasn't in the best shape for this project but I figured I could make it work.

There was left-over paper gathered at the top, I folded it gently inside the top of the container.

Then, I pulled out the felt. I used it to cut out a circle bigger than the circumference of the container top and secured the felt on the top with my hot glue gun. 

Last, I took put a ribbon around the entire top and tied it neatly in a bow. 

How fabulous! 

Didn't you just love this?
Here are more awesome oatmeal container projects. 

Check out this drum featured on 

And this nature can by Anna Satler on DIY life. It's perfect for collecting rocks, leaves, flowers and maybe even 
creeping, crawling, creatures. 

And who wouldn't fall in love with this adorable Valentiene Mailbox box? 
You can find this on the

Sure, Halloween is a long ways away, that means you can start collecting 
now to make this precious pumpkin turned jack-o-lantern. 
See Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish for instructions.

And I couldn't forget the most wonderful time of the year! Here's 
a oatmeal container craft guaranteed to get you in the Christmas spirit. 
See how Mary Ann makes gift containers from the recycling bin!

Happy Crafting

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  1. I guess I better start eating oatmeal so I can give this a try!

    PS So how did the cone taste baked?

  2. .... and the next best thing - Pringles chip containers! :)

  3. I always buy this type of oatmeal. Never thought to use the container once its empty. Mine also takes awhile before becoming empty. Now I will start storing my containers for later use. Thanks for sharing!

  4. @Mrs. Coe, Well you don't necessarily have to eat it all, you could bake some cookies for a friend, create an oatmeal mask, or have and oatmeal bath? As you can see I've put some thought into this:)

    @Leanne, Oh girl! Don't get me all excited!!! My husband REALLY likes his pringles! I wont have trouble getting rid of those!

    @My Little Sticky Notes, I still haven't decided what I'll put in it yet? Used crayons, colored pencils, ribbons, yarn? Oh the possibilities:)

    Thanks everyone for stopping by and taking a minute to comment!

  5. We decorated a bunch, in different colored construction paper, and let the kids in the preschool use them as building blocks. they loved them.