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Friday, January 14, 2011

Sharing Hair in Preschool

During Circle Time the other day one of my students was very upset because the friend next to her touched her hair without asking. I explained that her hair was very beautiful and I'm sure her friend was just curious. Then, I looked at the "hair toucher" and said, "I'm sure if you would have asked she would have allowed you to touch her hair but you should ask next time." Of course someone raised their hand and asked, "Can I touch your hair?" No sooner than the "yes" came out of her mouth, more hands shot up. Once everyone was settled and we were all back on our bottoms criss-crossed applesauce another hand came up, "Mrs. Myra, Can I touch your hair?" I said, yes, and went on to explain how different my hair felt from almost everyone in the class. I took out one of my ponytail holders to show them the length. I explained when I pull my hair, it's long.  However, as soon as I let it go the curls spring back tight again. After my demonstration everyone wanted to touch it. Some words they used to describe it was big, soft, squishy and puffy. I think this is going to be a great way to start off our Martin Luther King lesson next week.

Here's an awesome youtube video by Sesame Street. 
I'm looking forward to sharing this too!

Happy Hair Sharing,


  1. This has got to be one of my all-time favorite "teachable moments!" I love it when those times occur! Awesome job!

  2. I always have someone that wants to touch my hair! Because my hair is so long - it is an easy target:)

  3. I love this - my students are fascinated by hair as well, one of our first rules that we established this school year was you can touch it as long as you ask your friend AND they say yes!

  4. How very cool! It always is fun to see what happens at circle time. You really turned that one incident into a teachable moment!

  5. I absolutely love this post. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your hair. And little did you know you'd be getting a free scalp massage that day, huh? I might let my hair down this afternoon : )

  6. if only as adults we could be so easily pleased and simply curious. My girls want to plait , twist and braid my hair when I leave it down. how do you put a lesson about hair into a lesson plan? I guess someone would say that was just killing time. thanx for sharing.

  7. @Kirsten, yes I so loooove teachable moments:) Thank you for stopping by:)

    @Deborah, ooh you do have nice long hair...If I was in your class, I'd bring bows and ribbons, and that would be my own special center:)

    @Katherine, after this lesson we set the same boundaries and so far so good:) I'm glad you stopped by to comment:)

    @Anna, It is so awesome when you catch "the moment"...It so easy to let is slip right on by!

    @Beansprouts, thank you for your kind words:) I only wish I could share such moment more often! So funny as a child I hated having my hair combed since my scalp is so tender. However, I just love a scalp massage!!

    @Billi, I usually like to incorporate hair lessons with the "All About Me" unit at the beginning of the school year and again during Black History Month since we talk about "Alikes and Differences". After this particular Circle Time we went on to talk about who had long hair, short hair, curly hair, straight hair...then we discuss hair color. They mostly got a big kick out of asking "May I touch your hair?" Then, they'd move on to the next person. I particularly enjoyed the choice of words they used to describe the hair texture...Mine was poofy, soft, and squishy! ha ha...loved it:)

  8. My daughter's new favourite word is permission, this is a great permission story! :)