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Monday, December 27, 2010

The Gift of Togetherness

I have a class of 18 four year olds. Each day I walk in to work there is always a dilemma. It could be the teacher that called in last minute. It could be the lesson plan I forgot to print, or the supplies I don't have. Sometimes it's the surprise tantrum, or the misplaced lunch. Honestly, I have grown acccustomed to some sort of chaos. Today was just like any other day. The chaos started with me. I have a 30 minute commute to work and I woke up at the time when I should have been opening the Center. Bah Humbug! Not a way to get back into the groove. 

Buzzing like a bee, I went to cleaning, clearing and organizing the classroom in preparation for what else may come my way... and you wouldn't believe it...there was nothing. I had 13 students, and three of them went home at before 12:30. Throughout the day, I felt like I met every need. I felt I voiced every concern and had an awesome time singing, dancing and just lovin' on my few. 

Don't get me wrong, I love my 18, and our class family wouldn't be complete without each and every one of them. But, just like in any other family, each of the members must spend that quality time together to connect, share, and just enjoy each others company. At nap time, I unwrapped, enjoyed, and was grateful for the gift which was today.

Happy Holidays,


  1. I just love days like that! Such a blessing! Missing you too:)

  2. We often have "skeleton crews" around the holidays. I'm like you, I miss the others, but it's nice sometimes to have the smaller group.

  3. @ Deborah...sending hugs

    @Teacher Tom, The other downside to not being able to blog as much is I don't get to read as much either:(
    Can't wait to visit the Teacher Tom blog, feels like missing out on your favorite least I don't have to DVR it I can just log on catch up:)