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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Preschool Fourth of July Fence Weaving

Yesterday we took some streamers outside to do some fence weaving. I explained and demonstrated the technique. While they worked, I could hear one of my students saying, "in and out", "in and out".

I watched as my little guy diligently tried to figure out what he was doing wrong. After many attempts he looked back said, "Why wont it stay?" Even after I explained it to him again, he still couldn't get the hang of it. He was excited to see streamer still on the fence today for him to work at it again.

Here's my version on the flag.

Happy Weaving,


  1. That is too sweet! What a terrific motor skill activity! Your fence looks beautiful!

  2. Love this! You are so creative! I am SOOO doing this for.....I don't know yet, but I've got to try it!!!!

  3. The kids seem to really enjoy this one too! Each day when we go out they remove the streamer from the day before and work with it all over again. I took some new photos and I'm wondering if I should post them on the original post or start a completely different post? What do you think?